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What Happens If You Bail Someone Out And They Go Back To Jail?

when someone goes back to jail

Bailing someone out is an agreement for them to make the trial dates from their first alleged charges, there is not any type of penalties for re-arrest as it won’t be connected to the bond. As long as a person is able to continue making their court dates, they will not face any type of penalty with the bond.

The only consequence that could interfere with a bond is that a person will be unable to meet the conditions of their court date because they are behind bars.

Speaking to a bail bondsman again as soon as the second bail is posted can make sure that a person can be bailed out a second time with the agreement to make court dates on two posted bails.

The bonds will stand separately and if a defendant needs to be bailed out multiple times before they are charged, each of the court proceedings will carry their own bail agreement.

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