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How To Send Money To Someone in Jail in Sedgwick County, KS

sending money to someone in jail in kansas

If you want to send money to someone in a jail in the Sedgwick County, KS jail, then use the JailATM system. You can send money, buy food and gifts or purchase video call time. Being in jail isn’t great, it’s lonely and disheartening. Showing people in jail that you care by staying in touch or sending a small gift helps.


Easy Click Buttons For Money, Gifts & Video Call Time

Easily send money, email them, and get replies, do video calls or send them a food package.

sending money or gifts to sedgwick county inmates

Selecting Sedgwick County Detention Facility

You just pick the state of KS and select Sedgwick County Detention Facility, enter their last name and his search, they should appear on the next screen. Once you’ve found your friend or family member, just sign up or register for an account, add a credit card and purchasing after that takes just minutes. Extremely convenient.

sending gifts to people in sedgwick jail

Sending Food/Gift Packs To People In Sedgwick County Jail

The food they serve is reported by many as notoriously terrible. Even though it meets the basic ‘nutritional guidelines’ for food, it is not designed to be tasty and fulfilling. Being in jail can feel like an eternity, even a small gift like ramen is a blessing to someone in jail for more than a few days or weeks. JailATM provides a way to pay for an inmate’s treats and snacks that definitely beat what the jail offers as far as being tasty or a ‘treat’.

buying food for sedgwick county inmates

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