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What Do Bondsmen Accept As Collateral

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What Do Bondsmen Accept As Collateral?

When you hire a bail bond agency, verbal promises are not applicable or acceptable as payment.

Bondsmen are professionals and can help people deal with the criminal justice system. This is to help people get of jail.

Bondsmen understand the criminal justice system much better than you, and can help get you or a family member out of jail fast, as well as help you understand court proceedings and processes. At A Second Chance Bail Bonds, we are one of the best bail bonds companies in the Wichita area and have helped thousands of people, not just with a bail bond, but afterwards too.

If you are thinking of hiring a bondsmen, know that there are some things that can be accepted as collateral before they can sign up with you.  Collateral types will vary with different bail bond agencies, but below are some of the things we may or might accept.

So what are some of these things that a Bail Bondsman can take as Collateral?

In general, the majority of well experienced and established bondsman agencies will accept collateral such as real estate i.e. houses or any related property, vehicle titles, bank accounts, credit cards, jewelry, stocks & bonds, among other items of quantifiable value.

House as Collateral

You can provide home property title as collateral for securing a bail bond with an agency; but the house cannot be under mortgage.

Land as Collateral

Land property can serve as collateral for the purpose of hiring bondsmen to help secure your bail.  You only need to surrender the land’s title deed or pink slip to the agency or the court until the actual court date.

Vehicles as Collateral

You can surrender other valuable items such as boats, RVs, or cars, among others as collateral to the agency or court.

Valuables as Collateral

If you have valuables like antiques, luxury jewelry, among other collectibles; any of these can be surrendered to the bonding agency or court to serve as collateral.

Others types of bail collateral can include…

  • Electronics
  • Art Works
  • Equipment

Even your bank account balance statement. In the case of money in the bank serving as collateral, know that the money will get locked in and made unavailable for withdrawal until the court case has been heard.

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