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Can A Bail Bondsman Carry A Gun?

can a bail bondsman carry a gun

A bail bondsman can carry a gun as can a bail enforcement agent. A revolver or firearm is permitted for use while operating one of these businesses due to the risks involved. Carrying a gun as a bail official is much more popular for bail bonds officials that also specialize in the enforcement or working to find the individuals who have avoided their court date in order to bring them back to the police.

Bail bonds enforcers work as appointed officials that will collect part of the total bail if they are able to apprehend people that have skipped out on the conditions of their bail. Bail bonds enforcers carry guns for protection when working to apprehend individuals.

Most bail bonds offices will have at least one official trained in firearms. In order for anyone working in bail bonds to carry a firearm, they will need to complete a gun safety court as approved for public protection. They will also need to require an appropriate permit for their weapons outlined by the state. Most of the time, these individuals take part in a minimum of a 20-hour course in firearms training as well as countless other practices and safe handling to prepare.

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