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What Is A DOC Number For Inmates?

What Is A DOC Number For Inmates?

A DOC number, or inmate identification number, is a unique numerical identifier assigned to an individual within the Department of Corrections (DOC) or correctional system. The DOC number is a primary means of identifying and tracking inmates throughout incarceration.

DOC numbers’ specific format and structure can vary between jurisdictions and correctional facilities. In some cases, DOC numbers may consist of a series of digits, while others may include a combination of letters and numbers. The DOC number is typically assigned upon an inmate’s admission to a correctional facility and remains associated with their record throughout incarceration.

The correctional system uses DOC numbers for administrative purposes, recordkeeping, and internal tracking. They help facilitate the efficient management of inmate information, including personal details, legal history, disciplinary records, medical records, and other relevant documentation.

DOC numbers are generally confidential and are primarily used within the correctional system. They are not typically made publicly available or shared outside of authorized personnel and agencies involved in the management and oversight of correctional facilities.

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