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What Happens If You Bail Someone Out And They Go Back To Jail?

What Happens If You Bail Someone Out & They Go Back To Jail?

If you bailed someone out of jail and they have to go back to jail for another arrest, then they will be required to pay another bond fee.

If you used a bail bonds company on the first loan and the person you bonded out gets arrested again and needs another bond, your first bond does not get refunded to you. The 10% you put down originally goes to the bondsman, and if there is a second arrest, you will need to pay a second bond if the court requires it.

Can Bail Money Be Refunded?

Bail bond money is refundable so long as you show up in court for your hearing. The court may take a small fee of about 3% of your refund, depending on the state. If you paid a bail bonds service, then you do not get a refund of the 10% service fee that the bail bonds company charges. Read more about how bail money and refunds work.

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