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Do Bail Bondsman Keep The 10% Fee?

do bail bonds keep the 10 percent fee

Do Bail Bondsman Keep The 10% Fee?

Yes, bondsman will keep the 10% service fee. It is considered a service fee for putting up the full 100% bail bond to the court on your behalf.

Bail bondsman are taking a big risk by putting up 10, 20 or $30,000 dollars on a bond for someone, and the 10% is non-refundable.  Some bail bond companies like A Second Chance Bail Bonds do offer payment plans and even take collateral such as titles to assets such as cars or in large cases, houses.  It depends on your re-pay worthiness which is determined by the bondsman.

Bail bonds companies are under no obligation to accept or deny any request for a bail bond, so even though you may need a bail bond you can still get denied if you are unable to show enough proof or trust-worthiness that you will be able to make the payments or repay the 10% or show up in court at the appointed time.

What Happens If Fail To Show Up For Court On A Bail Bond?

If you fail to show up for court on a bond and you used a bond service to bail you out, this is what will happen…

  • Warrant is issued for your arrest
  • You’ll owe the full 100% court appointment bail bond amount to the bond company
  • A bounty hunter will come looking for you
  • The bounty hunter will find you, whether you are staying at a friends, family or fled the state
  • You will go back to jail without the chance for another bail bond

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