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What Does A&D Mean?

What Does A&D Mean?

In incarceration or criminal justice, “A&D” commonly refers to Alcohol and Drug or Alcohol and Drug-related issues. It may be used in various ways, such as:

  1. A&D Hold: An A&D hold refers to a designation used in some correctional facilities to indicate that an inmate is being held for alcohol or drug-related reasons. It typically means that the inmate has been identified as having substance abuse issues or has violated rules related to alcohol or drug use while in custody.
  2. A&D Treatment: A&D treatment refers to programs or interventions to address alcohol and drug abuse or addiction. These treatment programs may be offered within correctional facilities or as part of community-based programs aimed at helping individuals overcome substance abuse issues.
  3. A&D Counseling: A&D counseling involves individual or group counseling sessions addressing alcohol and drug-related problems. These counseling sessions may be offered in correctional facilities, probation or parole programs, or community settings.

Overall, A&D refers to efforts to address alcohol and drug-related issues, including prevention, intervention, treatment, and counseling. It signifies the recognition of the significance of substance abuse in the criminal justice system and the need to provide support and resources to individuals struggling with addiction.

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