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The Bail Bonds Day to Day Grind

A Second Chance Bail Bonds in Wichita, Kansas

You ever curious what it is like to be a bail bonds agent? You kind of know what it is but you are not certain exactly what it is. I used to always have this ratchet perception of what the bail bonds business was and honestly still have a certain perspective on bail bonds of it being ratchet. I always envisioned muscle head, conceited, mean people who did not care about me or my well being at all. I believe that some of those things are true about some people in the bail bonds business but not everyone in bail bonds is out to get you. There are a couple people that will impress you. I was invited in by the owner of A Second Chance Bail Bonds to come in and learn the ropes of it and fortunately, it worked out good for both of us. Truth is, most people have to have a good chunk of investment to get into this business and the owner at A Second Chance Bail Bonds took me out of a life that had no purpose and put me in a position to help people through bail bonds. I really had no idea what I was stepping into but it has been one of the greatest blessings in life to bond people out of Sedgwick County jail and try to watch them walk straight.

Bail bonds is not your typical job where you can work 9am-5pm and then go home and spend the evening with your family. You get calls at all hours of the day and you also have to chase down people who completely run from the whole situation with no regards to the rules or law. Obviously, these are defendants who have been bonded out and are not ready to change yet and want to continue to do the same things that got them in trouble in the first place. Accountability is a tough part of life and helping people grow. We give people a 2nd Chance at being in society to do the right thing and we also try and give them the resources to be successful.

With all of that being said, it takes time, effort and energy to get out and about and go track people down. The people that suffer the most are your family. That is the toughest position to be in, out chasing people that you have helped out. Bail bonds is tough on a family if it looked at like a 9-5 but that is not the case for most bail bonds families. They understand the importance of signing the bonds and picking up those who miss on bond. Some weeks are better than others. The other part of this whole business, is getting to make time to walk with these individuals and watching them grow through the process and turn their hearts away from destruction and chaos. This is something that has to be intentional for lives to truly be changed.

So, we are in the office all day from 9am-5pm dealing with bail bonds stuff but also running other business’s that help clients with the full court process. It almost never fails that 2-3 times a week, a call will come in right around 4:45-5:15 to do a bond. There is nothing like being in rush hour traffic, almost home and getting a call to go back to the jail. For bail bonds agents, this is the most drawn out time of the day because of how slammed the corporals at the jail are, and how backed up traffic is. By the time you leave the jail Monday-Friday after doing a bond, it is usually about 6:15-6:30 til you get home and get to enjoy time with the family.

Then, if the phone lines are really going crazy for a bail bonds agent, you could be at jail the rest of the evening with sometimes 6-7 bonds. That is not all the time but it does happen in the bail bonds business.

The third shift grind can be just as hectic! You go down to the jail at midnight, sign a bond and head back home, just to get a call as you are pulling in driveway about 12:50 to turn right back around and meet them at 1:15. This can happen 3-4 times in a night. When you have phone lines that night and have to turn around and work the next day, you can imagine that the bail bonds business can seem very crazy. That is why it does become more of a lifestyle and not so much of a burden.

You adjust your life to the needs of your family and the needs of meeting the job expectations so that it does not become too much to handle. God has slowly been working in our family to make this possible for us so that we have more time together as a family. There are so many things that you have to say no too outside of bail bonds because time is not that intentional. This is just a small glimpse of what bail bonds can be like and it is not as bad as it might sound but it definitely is a pressure filled job and a job that will make you grow as an adult and businessman. Bail bonds has done so much for me and my family and A Second Chance Bail Bonds and its owners have done so much for my family and this community. I hope that you decide to call us when you are looking to get your loved ones out of jail for the best customer service in town.

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