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How Do I Find Out What Jail Someone Is In

how to find out which jail someone is in

How Do I Find Out What Jail Someone Is In

Finding where your friend, loved one or family member is detained after an arrests is a seriously difficult task if you don’t know what to do. You can use an online search engine to locate the county jail’s website. Check for the county local court, its sheriff, or police department.

Most county jail’s online site’s have searchable databases of  their detainees and all you need is the name of the individual. Once you were able to locate the person, call the particular jail facility to inquire and verify the information. For example using Homeland Securities search feature:

Another online search option you can utilize is the Federal Bureau of Prisons online portal. This is useful more likely if  you are trying to locate a person that you think could be in federal prison. The Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website ( is government operated and they do have a search engine that enables people to browse the list of detainees they are holding.

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