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How Much Is Bail For A Fight?

How Much Is Bail For A Fight

How Much Is Bail For A Fight?

If you got into a fight and it wasn’t serious, it is probably going to be a misdemeanor.  The bail for a simple bar fight that was a misdemeanor may be between $2000 or $2500. If you used a bail bonds service, then you might owe about $200 to $250 dollars to the bondsman.

There are different levels of fighting that have different penalties.

Charges For Different Types Of Fighting

  • Simple Bar Fight – usually, a simple bar or regular fight not resulting in serious injury has a misdemeanor penalty and a bail amount of $1,000 to $2,500
  • Spousal Fight – the penalties for a fight, depending on the damage, between husband and wife (or just male and female); can range anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 in court appointed bail money

The Difference Between Assault & Battery

There is a good difference between battery and assault. Battery is when there is actual injury. Assault could mean someone attempted to cause you physical harm.  For example: If you beat someone down to the ground and keep beating them, that is battery. If you attacked someone and they defended themselves or you missed your attack, you can be charged with assault.

The amount of bail depends on the charges. A simple fight could result in an injury, defense case or an attempted murder case. To know exactly how much, you’d have to ask a criminal defense lawyer.


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