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What Is Custody Level Close?

What Is Custody Level Close?

The term “custody level close” typically refers to a high-security classification level within the correctional system. It indicates that an inmate is held in a facility with stringent security measures and is subject to strict supervision and control.

Here are some key features and characteristics of a custody level close:

  1. High-security measures: Facilities designated as custody level close have robust security measures to prevent escapes and control the inmate population. These measures may include secure perimeters, extensive use of physical barriers, surveillance systems, and a significant presence of armed guards.
  2. Restricted movement: Inmates classified as custody level close generally has limited freedom of movement within the facility. They are closely monitored, and their activities, interactions, and movements are carefully regulated to minimize potential risks and maintain security.
  3. Enhanced supervision: In custody-level close facilities, correctional officers closely monitor and supervise inmates. There may be frequent headcounts, security checks, and strict adherence to facility rules and protocols.
  4. Limited privileges: Inmates in custody-level close facilities may have restricted access to certain privileges or programs. These limitations are in place to ensure safety and security within the facility and to minimize potential risks associated with the higher security level.
  5. Classification based on risk: Inmates are assigned custody levels based on the severity of their offenses, history of violence, escape attempts, and behavioral issues. Those deemed to pose a higher risk to security, staff, or other inmates are more likely to be assigned to a custody level close.
  6. Isolation and confinement: In some cases, custody-level close inmates may spend significant time in confinement or isolation due to disciplinary actions or security reasons. This further restricts their interaction with other inmates and access to certain activities.

The classification and terminology for custody levels may vary between jurisdictions and correctional systems. The purpose of custody level close is to maintain a high level of security and control over inmates who are considered to pose significant risks or require heightened supervision.

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