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How Much Does A $1,000 Bail Bond Cost?

how much does a 1,000 bail bond cost

How Much Does A $1,000 Bail Bond Cost?

A $1,000 bail bond in Kansas would be $100 if you use a bail bonds service because the bondsman will charge a 10% fee for putting up the $1000 on your behalf.

What Happens if You Don’t Show Up For Court On A Bail Bond?

If you don’t show up for court on a bail bond and you used a bondsman to bail you out, here is what will happen…

  1. A warrant will be issued for your arrest
  2. You will owe the full $1,000 for the bail bond to the bond company
  3. A bounty hunter will come looking for you
  4. The bounty hunter will find you, whether you are staying at a friends, family or fled the state
  5. You will go back to jail without the chance for another bail bond

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