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Is it Snitching or Business with Bail Bonds?

A Debate for politics in Bail Bonds Business

The bail bonds business can bring about many different conversations because there are two different sides to the whole bail bonds process. There are a lot of politics that begin discussions. I would like you to read this blog and decide for yourself by leaving a comment on whether it is business or if it is snitching. I think there are going to be different varying opinions and I am just curious to see why it is looked at one way as opposed to another when it comes to bail bonds. I would like to state my view and my opinion on the whole situation and then let you agree or disagree with me.

We are a company that wants to see people get out of jail and take care of their business and build a case for themselves on why they should be productive members of society here in Wichita, Kansas. The crazy thing is, we are a small consolidated city and we have a jail that is overcapacity. It is unnecessary for people to have to sit in jail to wait and see if they are innocent or guilty. We provide a service through bail bonds that allow them the freedom to make court dates and work while being home with family.
There is a problem that we run into on the backside of bail bonds that creates some conflict and some people get uptight about it. We make a deal with people that says they will get to court and do as they are supposed to and if they do not then they are subject to being arrested and taken back to jail. They knowingly sign a bond at the time of release from jail and they knowingly have a co-signer sign a contract that enables us to arrest them if they do not make it to court.

The crazy part about this is, we then become an enforcer of making sure someone is held accountable for the loan they have been given for being out of jail. We have then asked for help from certain people and they tell us they are not snitching. The crazy part about half of these people is that they would be given up in a heartbeat just to keep themselves out of trouble but they are unwilling to help find someone for some reward money because it is snitching.

The bail bonds business and I did say business, is in place because we give a person their freedom. How is it that it is snitching if we need to locate a person and hold them accountable for the business contract they signed?

If we are the ones giving the freedom, then how is it snitching? There are no new charges being put on a person and we are not the cops. We are not out to get people. We simply have to hold up the end of the contract that we have with the courts and the defendant who has been released from jail on our dime.

So the question is:

If someone accepts money from us to give up a person and their location, is it snitching or is it business?

I would really like to hear responses!

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