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How Do I Pay For Inmate Calls?

How Do I Pay For Inmate Calls?

To pay for inmate calls, you typically have a few options available, depending on the specific policies and procedures of the correctional facility:

  1. Inmate phone service provider: Many correctional facilities have contracted with specific phone service providers that handle inmate calls. These providers often have their payment systems and accounts. You can set up an account with the designated phone service provider to pay for the calls. They may offer various payment methods, such as online payments, over-the-phone payments, or payments through money orders or cashier’s checks.
  2. Prepaid calling accounts: Some facilities allow you to set up a prepaid calling account for an inmate. You deposit money into the account, and the inmate can use those funds to make phone calls. The specific process for setting up a prepaid calling account can vary, so following the facility’s guidelines and instructions is important.
  3. Third-party payment services: Certain third-party companies or organizations provide services for paying for inmate calls. These services typically involve creating an account with the third-party provider and adding funds. The inmate can then use these funds to make calls. Examples of such services include GTL AdvancePay and ConnectNetwork AdvancePay.
  4. Inmate trust accounts: Some correctional facilities have trust accounts or commissary accounts for inmates, which can be used to pay for various expenses, including phone calls. If you are authorized to deposit funds into an inmate’s trust account, you can allocate some funds for phone calls.

The availability of payment options and the specific procedures can vary between correctional facilities. It’s recommended to contact the facility directly or consult their website for detailed information on how to pay for inmate calls and any associated fees or restrictions.

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