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What Happens If I Co-sign For A Bail Bond?

Co-sign For A Bail Bond

When co-signing for bail you volunteer to be responsible if the person that you are bailing out fails to meet their court date. Commonly called a “skip” by bail bonds companies. 

Co-signing works to limit risk on the part of the bail bonds company. The process of co-signing ensures that there is an agreement in which the consigner will be obligated to pay the amount of the bond if the person accused does not appear in court.

A co-signer will often have to stake some of their assets or property to make sure the bond is paid. A co-signer does have rights like the option to contact the bondsman and withdrawal the bond to return the accused to jail if they feel as though they will not meet their court dates.

When you co-sign for a bond:

You ensure the accused person is released from jail until their court date.

You are declaring that you will have shared responsibility for making sure the person appears in our and all bond requirements and court proceedings are met.

A co-signer can also request stipulations like the accused entering into a rehabilitation program or reside with the co-signer to keep track of their whereabouts.

The co-signer can also cancel the bond at any time if they grow uncomfortable with the actions of the accused or if the accused flees the court. It is the duty of a co-signer to notify a bail bonds company if the accused is going to violate their agreement.

A co-signer also has to meet a series of requirements such as being a citizen of the USA and having lived in the area where the person is being tried for a set amount of time. A Co-signer also has to sometimes demonstrate financial capability, like that they have a sufficient credit rating or stable employment in order to carry out the co-signing option.

It is extremely important that you consider the risk and responsibilities that you are taking on as a co-signer. While it could be important for you to help the one that you love, it is important to keep in mind that you could be risking your own financial future or putting yourself in a position where you may have to revoke a bond should a person fail to meet the expectations of their release.

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