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DUI Ignition Interlock and Bail Bonds

A Second Chance Bail Bonds in Wichita, Kansas

A 2nd Chance is all some people need when it comes to getting their life back on track. We are a company that believes in 2nd Chances all the way around. The bail bonds business allows us to give people 2nd chances and even sometimes 3rd and 4th chances. The fact of the matter, no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes. Some peoples are exposed a little louder than others who know how to cover it up but even that will all come to the light someday. Bail bonds is the business that has opened doors for us to provide 2nd Chances in other ways such as sober living houses, providing jobs if available, and facilitating different support groups and life groups that can give men and women an outlet to try and figure out how to get life back in order. Bail bonds has also given the opportunity for 2nd Chance to be a facilitator for the Ignition Interlock device which is required by the state for a person to get get their license back after getting a DUI. I think we originally just wanted to provide a tool for clients that we got out of jail on DUI warrants or be able to provide a service for anyone we personally knew needing to get their license back. We have officially grown into a service provider business for the state and continue to grow. We are an office that wants to gain all clients when it comes to the DUI Ignition Interlock system. Unfortunately, a lot of people get DUI’s in the city of Wichita and there are even people who do not get caught doing it. It is a device that prevents people from driving after they have been drinking. At the same time, it is giving people who have made mistakes the chance to get their license back and get back to having a real license with no restrictions. The bail bonds office has turned into an interlock office and bail bonds office and we only hope to keep growing. Make sure you refer us if you know anyone who has had a DUI and is going to need an interlock installed.

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