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What Does A&D Hold Mean In Jail?

What Does A&D Hold Mean In Jail?

An A&D hold, also known as an Alcohol and Drug (A&D) hold, is a designation used in some correctional facilities to indicate that an inmate is being held for alcohol or drug-related reasons. It typically means that the inmate has been identified as having substance abuse issues or has violated rules related to alcohol or drug use while in custody.

The purpose of an A&D hold is to ensure that the inmate receives appropriate attention, treatment, or programming related to their alcohol or drug-related needs. While on an A&D hold, the inmate may be subject to specific restrictions, monitoring, or interventions to address their substance abuse issues or to prevent further alcohol or drug-related incidents within the facility.

The duration and specific conditions of an A&D hold can vary depending on the policies and resources of the correctional facility. In some cases, the hold may be temporary, and the inmate may be released from the hold once they have met certain criteria or completed specific programs or treatments. In other cases, the hold may be longer-term and may involve ongoing monitoring and interventions throughout the inmate’s incarceration.

If you have specific questions or concerns about an A&D hold or its implications, it is advisable to contact the correctional facility directly or consult with an attorney or legal professional who can provide guidance based on the specific policies and procedures in place.

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