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Can A Bondsman Revoke Bail

can a bail bond be revoked

Can A Bondsman Revoke A Bail Bond?

No. Your bond can only be revoked by a judge.

Why would a judge revoke a bail bond?

A judge may revoke a bail bond if the judge determines that you are…

  • At risk of failing to appear for court
  • Likely to cause more trouble out of jail than in jail
  • Gets arrested while out on bail

If you do get arrested again while you are already out on a bond, it is possible the bondsman can bail you out a second time.

Do I get my bail bond money back if my bail bond is revoked?

No, the money is forfeited. You do not get it back.

What is the procedure for bailing somebody out of jail in Kansas?

Most of the time, a local Kansas bail bond company will be contacted by telephone to initiate the bail bonding procedure. Our Kansas bail bonding company will ask for information in order to determine the level of risk involved in offering a bail bond and will begin the bail bond approval process. At the time the bail bond has been approved, our new customer will need to sign some bail bond documents such as a bail bonding application, an Indemnity Agreement, and will receive a receipt. Once the bail bonding paperwork has been finalized and the bail premium payment has been provided to our Kansas bail bond company, our licensed Kansas bondsman will “post” bail at the jail.

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Giovanni Delvecchio June 11, 2022 at 9:33 pm Reply

I bonded my significant other out of jail four days ago on the third day he went in to sign the paperwork because that night she was bonding someone out in another county things got busy and it was put off when he came in she said his bond had been revoked by me which is not true she revoked herself and sent him back to jail is this allowed? She also said that if I paid the balance plus $150 for the fee of revoking it he could post another bail

Thomas Kane June 12, 2022 at 6:59 am Reply

If they revoked the bond, for whatever reason; I would go to a different bonding company or bondsman and start fresh with someone else as long as you didn’t pay the first one. If you did pay the first bond or sign an agreement to pay, then it’s possible they are revoking your bond due to failure or potential liability of not paying up, so if they are asking for just $150, I would find a way to pay that and also find out if he has a second bond for a second charge.

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