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Can A Bail Bondsman Post A Cash Bond?

posting a cash bond

Yes, a bail bondsman can post a cash bond on your behalf. A cash bond is a type of bail bond where the total amount is paid in cash directly to the court or jail. Typically, you or your representative would pay the total cash amount, but in some cases, a bail bondsman may agree to post the total cash amount in exchange for a fee or collateral.

Posting a cash bond can be expensive, especially for high bail amounts, and the funds may be tied up for a significant time. In addition, if the defendant fails to appear in court, the cash bond will be forfeited, and the bail bondsman will be responsible for the total amount.

For this reason, many bail bondsmen prefer to post surety bonds, which allow defendants to pay a percentage of the bail amount as a fee to the bondsman, who then posts a bond with the court in the full amount of the bail. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail bondsman is responsible for the entire bail amount.

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