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What’s An Inmate ID Number?

What's An Inmate ID Number?

An inmate ID number, also known as an offender ID or inmate identification number, is a unique identifier assigned to an individual who is incarcerated within a correctional facility. It serves as a way to track and manage inmates within the system.

The inmate ID number is used for various administrative purposes, including record-keeping, classification, and identifying individuals within the correctional facility. It helps to differentiate one inmate from another and allows authorities to easily locate and access specific information related to an inmate’s incarceration, such as their charges, sentence, disciplinary records, and other relevant details.

The specific format and naming conventions for inmate ID numbers can vary between correctional facilities and jurisdictions. In some cases, the ID number may be a combination of letters and numbers, while in others it may be a numeric sequence.

If you need to communicate or inquire about an inmate’s status, it is often helpful to have their inmate ID number readily available. This ensures accurate identification and efficient handling of requests or inquiries related to the specific inmate.

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