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Bonds Gone Bad in Bail Bonds Business

The Bail Bonds Business sometimes has some tension.

So much excitement in the bail bonds business when it comes to seeing the joy on peoples face when they get out of jail. Bonds bonds presents us with the opportunity to see people grateful for fresh air and a chance at doing life the right way. That is a not long lived by very many of them. The moment they step out of the bail bonds office, some of them are already planning to go back and do what they were doing before. The reality of it, people are always going to be bonding out of jail no matter what the circumstances are. We are not one of the most high profile bonding companies in the city but we know that we get our hands in where they need to be so that we can show people a different way of life as we come from brokenness and wreckage ourselves. There is a job that has to be done after getting someone out of jail, and then they take off running. I will admit it is hard in the bail bonds business to not take some things personal sometimes.

So, the point of what I am trying to make is how hard it can be sometimes to have to chase so many people when they all miss at the same time. It has been holiday season so there has been a lot of people missing court and we have had to get out and make arrest. Then there are some that are a little harder to find. I have recently found that writing bonds for people who have warrants out of county are the hardest to deal with. You can arrest a guy and then the Sedgwick County Jail will not accept him because they are not in the warrant system and you have to drive them all the way to the county where they had the warrant out of. It does seem a little crazy that they cannot book them here in Sedgwick County but that is the trouble we have sometimes.

There are the other issues where courts come after us for the money that was put up for the person bonded out of jail. It is not fun having to get up in the morning and having to drive 3 hours just to have a judge tell you that you have to pay the money. I can say that it is not worth the headache of doing out of county bonds because most of the time they are a bad investment for a bail bonds company. They spend more money and to an investor who gives the opportunity to write bonds, it is not a good business move so it is not worth the time and effort if we are doing smart business. But we are not always the smartest business and I say that with the biggest smile on my face because it is true that we don’t get the most secure bonds. We get the bonds that are risky and have a chance of not making their court dates. I just believe in trying to help everyone and trying to build a relationship with each and every co-signer and every defendant. I have had other bondsman tell me not to write certain bonds, only to see them turn around do what they are supposed to. We live in a business, bail bonds, that is ultimately risky and we are going to get bad bonds. We just have to do a good job as bail bonds agents with being sincere and making our mission known. We also have to do a good job with our paperwork when meeting with the co-signer and defendant. Then, we also have to do a good job of getting out and doing our investigations when they come up missing so we can save the investor his money. The bail bonds business can be very tense at times, but I always feel like everything here is temporary because eternity is still to come and at the end of the day, the mission is to witness to people the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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