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What Is A PFN Number?

What Is A PFN Number?

An inmate’s PFN or personal file number is a unique identifier assigned to an individual who is incarcerated within a correctional facility or prison system. It is used to track and manage the inmate’s records, including personal information, legal history, disciplinary actions, medical records, visitation records, and other relevant documentation.

The personal file number serves as a way to uniquely identify and differentiate each inmate within the prison system. It is used for administrative purposes, recordkeeping, and to facilitate communication and coordination among various departments and personnel involved in the management of inmates.

The format and structure of inmate personal file numbers can vary depending on the specific correctional facility or jurisdiction. They are typically assigned upon an inmate’s entry into the correctional system and remain associated with their records throughout their incarceration period.

Inmate personal file numbers are confidential and are primarily used within the prison system for internal purposes. They are not typically made publicly available or shared outside of authorized personnel and agencies involved in the management and oversight of correctional facilities.

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