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What Is BOP Custody?

What Is BOP Custody?

BOP custody refers to custody or confinement under the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) in the United States. The Bureau of Prisons is a federal agency responsible for the management and oversight of federal correctional institutions, including prisons, detention centers, and community-based facilities.

When an individual is placed in BOP custody, it means they are under the authority and control of the federal government’s correctional system. This typically occurs when an individual is convicted of a federal crime and sentenced to serve their sentence in a federal facility.

BOP custody involves the supervision and management of inmates, including their housing, healthcare, education, work assignments, and access to programs and services. The BOP ensures the safety and security of the inmates, staff, and the public while also aiming to promote rehabilitation and successful reintegration into society.

It is important to note that BOP custody is separate from other forms of custody, such as state or local custody. Individuals in BOP custody are typically serving federal sentences or awaiting trial on federal charges.

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