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What Is An Attorney Bond?

what is an attorney bond

In case you are arrested for any crime in the US, you have the option to be bailed out until the hearing date.  There are different categories of bails that you can be given, but the most common is the surety bond. That is where a third-party come in to assist you in acquiring the bail.

However, you do not have to worry only about the surety bond as there is the option of attorney bonds. It is still a kind of surety bond, and it is processed in the same way even though it has some differences from the others.

Attorney Bond Explained

An attorney bond is a bond where one is released from jail before the proceedings of their trial. In this type of bond, you will be asked to pay the attorney some nonrefundable money, which is normally 10% of the total bond amount. That amount will be expressly used to secure the bail bond. The attorney will not have to remit the full amount of the bond so that you will be released from jail.

How Attorney Bond is Different

Even though the process of obtaining this type of bond is similar to other types of bonds, there are instances where these bonds differ a lot from the standard surety bond. For someone new to this type of bond, the attorney should be the one to represent you in that particular case.

The lawyer has to do some paperwork with the court, saying that the lawyer will act as your attorney. The Texas law states that a lawyer should not be the only person who is working on this case. There can be other people involved in your case, but the lawyer ought to be included.

The other difference is that the attorney who has taken up your bond should be the same who represents you in a court of law. Since you already know that the attorney you need will be involved in some technical issues, then you will find a fully qualified one. Look for an attorney who has experience in the legal field that you are sure will represent you well.

Ensure that you search for an attorney that will genuinely give you an attorney bond, and their intention is solely to help you out. The moment you get out of jail, you could start looking for someone that will represent you adequately in court.

In case you do not secure an attorney with the right expertise, you could consider the services of a bail bond agent. The other significant difference is in the cost of the defense. Many attorneys will present bonds to clients for use.

The 10 percent fee against the clients’ legal costs can be used by the bond offered. In case you consider hiring a bondsman, then you will be required to pay the expenses for your legal representation and also the usual fee, which means that if you are involved in an attorney bond, you could be financing your legal costs and the bond as well.

Final Thoughts

Attorney bonds can be a good option, especially if you want to get out of jail quickly. The attorney bond speeds things up than using the traditional bondsman who might drag on the case.                

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