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What Does Verdict To Be Taken Mean?

What Does Verdict To Be Taken Mean?

The phrase “verdict to be taken” typically refers to a situation in a court trial where the judge or jury has completed hearing the evidence and arguments presented by both sides, but they have not yet reached a final decision or verdict.

When the phrase “verdict to be taken” is announced by the judge, it means that the case is at a stage where the judge or jury is ready to deliberate and reach a decision on the outcome of the trial. It indicates that all the evidence has been presented and the arguments from both the prosecution and defense have been heard, but the final decision is pending.

During this stage, the judge or jury may engage in further discussions, deliberations, or analysis of the evidence and legal instructions provided by the judge before reaching a verdict. The verdict could be a finding of guilt or innocence, or it could be a determination of liability or damages in a civil case.

The specific procedures and terminology can vary between jurisdictions and legal systems. Therefore, the exact meaning and implications of “verdict to be taken” may be subject to local legal practices and rules.

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