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Need An Interlock System For Your Car?

ignition interlock

If part of your diversion or sentence from a judge is to have a breathalyzer installed on your car, then 2nd Chance Interlock is who to call, they are the #1 interlock and house arrest service in Wichita.  It’s a local company that branched out from 2nd Chance Bail Bonds and created a service for Ignition Interlock Device Service in Wichita.

Most companies have to charge in petty little stuff like missed appointments, violation fees, or administrative fees… they are one flat fee with none of the Back Door Charges.

716 W Maple
Wichita, KS 67213

From 2nd Chance Interlock:

2nd Chance DUI Ignition Interlock is a locally and family-owned company providing ignition interlock services in Wichita, KS, and the surrounding areas. The business was started by being given our own second chance We have branched off from our bail bonds service to better help the community. Our faith drives us to have better values and morals to help serve our customers diligently.

Your safety is our top priority. Through the use of ignition interlock devices, we ensure that not only are you kept safe when intoxicated, but people around you don’t pay the price for it either. Our goal is to strive for a safer community and decrease the number of DUI cases.

A members of 2nd Chance Industries, our faith teaches us that before lives can be saved on the road, they must be saved behind the wheel. Your life is precious. Let’s work to keep it that way.

We do Wichita bail bonds and help find inmates.
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