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In What Cases Bail Can Be Granted?

In What Cases Bail Can Be Granted

In What Cases Bail Can Be Granted?

Bail is available in almost all cases except when there is a death penalty.  It is largely up to the court and the judge to decide if bail is granted. It can depend on a variety of factors such as:

Factors That Determine Bail Out Potential

  • The severity of the offense – Depending on the offense and the sentence, the judge may decide your chances of skipping town are high, and decide not to grant bail, though these instances are rare
  • History of court appearance – If you’ve been known to skip bail before, you are considered high risk, and bail may not be granted
  • Live close to the courthouse – Your distance from the court can make a difference on bail; living out of state or in another county can be an issue

Things You Can Do To Ensure Bail Possibility

These should be common sense, but going into a courtroom with a tie dye shirt that says “Pot Smoker 4 Life” probably won’t be in your best interests.

  • Be on time or early
  • Dress professionally and well groomed
  • Speak and act in a calm, mature and profession , humble demeanor
  • Have made all your previous appointments on time

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