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In What Cases Bail Can Be Granted?

In What Cases Bail Can Be Granted?

Bail is available in almost all cases except when there is a death penalty.  It is largely up to the court and the judge to decide if bail is granted. It can depend on a variety of factors such as:

Factors That Determine Bail Out Potential

  • The severity of the offense – Depending on the offense and the sentence, the judge may decide your chances of skipping town are high, and decide not to grant bail, though these instances are rare
  • History of court appearance – If you’ve been known to skip bail before, you are considered high risk, and bail may not be granted
  • Live close to the courthouse – Your distance from the court can make a difference on bail; living out of state or in another county can be an issue

Things You Can Do To Ensure Bail Possibility

These should be common sense, but going into a courtroom with a tie dye shirt that says “Pot Smoker 4 Life” probably won’t be in your best interests.

  • Be on time or early
  • Dress professionally and well groomed
  • Speak and act in a calm, mature and profession , humble demeanor
  • Have made all your previous appointments on time

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