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How To Send Money To Someone In Prison in Kansas

sending money to someone in prison

The easiest way to send money to someone in prison is to use Jpay, www.jpay.com is a super simple online service that you can access using a desktop, laptop, or on your phone using the Phone app.

 You need to know their INmate number, which can be found through a direct link right here: https://kdocrepository.doc.ks.gov/kasper/search/disclaimer

Sending Money To Someone In Prison

sending money to person in prison

What Type Of Things Can People In Prison Buy?

For Kansas, the kinds of things a prisoner can buy is actually pretty extensive; you can see the Kansas government website here: https://www.doc.ks.gov/facilities/canteen or click on the example picture below.

The things you can buy are food like decent pasta meals, shoes, toothpaste, clothing and electronics like headphones, etc.. you can see the list below.

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