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How The Bail Bonds Process Works

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No one ever needs a bondsman or bail bonds agent until they need a bondsman or a bail bonds agent. Have you ever been to jail? Have you ever needed to go and get someone out of jail? If either of these is true then you might know a little bit about the bail bonds process. For the average person, they have no idea what a bail bonds company does. Unfortunately, there are those who know all too well what the bail bonds process is and how it works. I was never really aware that someone was putting money up when someone got bonded out of jail. Honestly, I was completely clueless about the whole process.

I am simply writing this so that you get a little description on what it looks like in the case that a loved one possibly goes to jail. You would be surprised at the stuff people can be taken to jail on these days. Surprisingly, most of the bonds are small traffic warrants where normal people have simply forgot to go to a court date or take care of a parking ticket. It is super easy to get put on probation today, so a lot of bonds are because of people breaking their probation as well. It is also super easy to break your probation and get in trouble for something very minimal. These are just the facts of the whole process.

So, after someone gets arrested and is taken into custody, there is a process that must happen. A bail bonds company is needed and a bail bonds agent must come sign a bond or the person is released on their own recognize. New stuff is usually own recognize when it comes to traffic stuff. Criminal stuff is usually going to need a bail bonds agent. Probation violations and anything that has a warrant attached to it is also going to have to depend on a bail bonds company.

That is when we come into play. The person who was arrested usually knows about the time the sirens come on behind them whether they are about to go to jail or not. They usually start making phone calls right then. If you are the person receiving the call then here is the process that is too be taken.

  1. Do not call the jail. They are busy as it is and the deputies in the back that are answering the phones do not really have much of a clue as to what is going on with the inmate. They can give basic information but not as much as a bail bonds company can.
  2. Make sure that you call A Second Chance Bail Bonds at (316)722-JAIL. We can guarantee you the best customer service in town and we are going to be there to help you through the whole bail bonds process. We truly want to see our clients get the court process done and over with.
  3. Most people like to google bail bonds or bondsman and we are just encouraging you right now to lock our number in.
  4. There is an amount given on any particular bond and a bail bonds company is going to put up that full amount for someone to get out of jail. There is a fee of 10%. So a $2,500 bond would mean that there is $250 due at the time of bond.
  5. Each inmate needs a co-signer which means that someone has to be accountable to making sure the person is going to make their court dates and be in contact with the bail bonds company regarding the status of the defendant that has been released from jail.
  6. The co-signer then meets with the bail bonds agent at the jail or at the bail bonds office and they get the bail bonds application filled out, and get the transaction completed for the 10%.
  7. The bail bonds agent then signs the bond and gets the court date for the inmate and co-signer.
  8. Now that the bail bond agent has signed the bond. The co-signer and inmate have to wait on the jail to release the inmate and this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to 10 hours depending on the day and if that person had court that day.
  9. After the inmate is released from the jail, he must complete paperwork with the bail bonds agent.
  10. The last part of the process is to make sure that the defendant is getting to all his court dates and contacting his bail bonds agent on a weekly basis to let him know what is going on with his case.

I hope I have given a little incite on what the bail bonds process looks like and we are hoping that you choose A Second Chance Bail Bonds as your company when you need a bail bonds agent. Have a good day and God bless.

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