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How Much is Bail For Simple Assault?

How Much is Bail For Simple Assault

How Much is Bail For Simple Assault?

Average bail amounts for misdemeanor crimes can range from $500 (in states like New Mexico and Oklahoma) to $10,000 for battery against a spouse or another person.  However, the amount of the bail depends on the crime committed, previous criminal history, severity and intention of the assault and other factors that are taken into account when setting the bail.

For example, some of the factors that play a part in establishing the bail amount include…

  • Your age
  • Your criminal history
  • Other current charges that you may have
  • Your prior record of not appearing to court
  • Level of threat you may represent to yourself and/or others

Furthermore, the bail amount depends on the charge being a misdemeanor or a felony. Felony charges are usually five to ten times higher due to the potential flight risk from a probable long-term sentence. That being said, major crimes, such as murder with substantial evidence most likely will not have a bail amount because of the high risk of harm to other people.

Misdemeanor assaults are the least serious among assault and battery crimes as they commonly don’t involve serious injury and include a minimal threat of violence.

In most U.S. states, when arrested again, you will not be allowed to post bail if you were previously convicted of a capital crime (and served prison time).

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