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How Much Does A $20,000 Bail Bond Cost?

how much does a 20,000 bail bond cost

How Much Does A $20,000 Bail Bond Cost?

If the court set a $20,000 bail to stay out of jail until the court date, then you can either…

  1. Pay the court the full $20,000 – After you show up for the court date, you will get all your money back
  2. Pay a bail bonds company $2000 – Bail bonds companies charge 10% of your total bail bond as a non-refundable service fee for giving the court the full $20,000
  3. Stay in jail until your court date – For this, you do not have to pay the bail bond
  4. Get a payment schedule setup – At A Second Chance Bail Bonds in Wichita, KS, we offer payment plans for people we deem qualified and able to pay the money back; not every bail bonds company offers this.

So, a bail bond of $20,000 will cost you $2,000. If you miss your court date, the bail bonds company will send a bounty hunter out after you to collect the full $20,000. If they cannot find you or get payment from you, they will call up workplaces, family and friends and co-signers for your bail bond money.

Hiding from a bounty hunter usually does not work, they can cross state lines and enter homes without a warrant and use force to re-arrest you and bring you back to jail.

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