House Arrest

Wichita 24 Hour House Arrest & Electronic Monitoring

We provide some of the most reliable and efficient court ordered monitoring services in Wichita, KS. We work with defendants to develop systems and programs that are customized to the demands of the Court.

Being one of the top bail bonds companies in Wichita, we have worked with hundreds of people needing house arrest services and provide a secure, safe and well monitored system of surveillance.

For many people, especially repeat offenders, house arrest actually provides a path to a real recovery, as it greatly influences living a life that is consisting of work, school and home, and by being monitored it help redirect their life to one that is safer

Can You Leave Your House On House Arrest?

It depends on your case, but generally you cannot leave your house for anything other than work or school.

What Happens If You Violate House Arrest?

The first offense and you will likely get a warning for probation violation, occasionally coming with increased penalties, as you have made yourself a riskier case. Remember that the house arrest is a service, and what you do reflects negatively on them as well.

How Long Can You Be Put On House Arrest?

Unlike being in jail, where you can get out early for good behaviour, with house arrest you have to live out the full sentence in your home.

Can You Have Visitors On House Arrest?

If permission is asked for before-hand, and your probation officer approves, requests for visitation may be approved, but it’s not guaranteed and depends on the situation and reason for visitation.

Can I Have A Cell Phone While On House Arrest?

Actually no, only landline phones are allowed on house arrest.


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