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Do Collect Calls Still Exist?

Do Collect Calls Still Exist?

Yes, collect calls still exist in many correctional facilities. Collect calls are a telecommunications service that allows inmates to make outgoing phone calls to individuals outside the prison, with the charges for the call billed to the receiving party. Inmates can make collect calls to friends, family members, or other contacts who are willing to accept the charges.

While the availability of collect calls may vary depending on the specific policies of each correctional facility and the telecommunications service provider they work with, collect calls are still commonly used in many prisons and jails. However, it’s worth noting that with advancements in technology and the increasing prevalence of alternative communication methods, such as prepaid calling cards or electronic messaging systems, the reliance on collect calls may be reduced in some facilities.

Check with the specific correctional facility or the telecommunications provider to confirm the available options for inmate phone calls, including whether collect calls are accepted and any associated costs or restrictions.

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