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Can you bail yourself out of jail with a debit card?

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Can you bail yourself out of jail with a debit card?

No. You can only use cash to bail yourself out of jail. You can hire a bondsman and pay him with a card, or collateral and even set up payment plans but even the bondsman has to put up cash to the court on your behalf.

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Charles July 21, 2022 at 7:21 pm Reply

I’m a senior white male living in Atlanta. I fear for my life every day I go outside anymore. I’m also afraid that I could be arrested because a cop might be having a bad day or I might have to defend myself.
I have no family or friends and I’m looking for some sort of help if a arrested ever occurs. I am law abiding with a clean record. I don’t want to wait until a incident occurs before getting any help. Can you offer any advice?Thank you in advance.

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