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Can Inmates Leave Voicemails?

Can Inmates Leave Voicemails?

In general, inmates in correctional facilities do not have the ability to leave voicemails. The phone systems in jails and prisons are typically designed for outgoing calls only, and inmates are generally not permitted to receive or leave voicemails.

When an inmate makes a phone call, it is usually a live conversation in real-time. They may have a limited amount of time to speak on the phone, and the call is typically monitored and recorded for security purposes.

If someone is trying to reach an inmate, it’s important to be available to accept their call or to have an agreed-upon time for them to call. If the call is missed or not answered, the inmate may need to try again at another time when they have access to the phone.

It’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the specific rules and regulations of the correctional facility where the inmate is located, as policies can vary between jurisdictions and facilities. These rules may outline the limitations on inmate phone usage, including the inability to leave voicemails.

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