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Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages?

can bail money be garnished

Can Bail Bonds Garnish Wages?

Bail bonds is not government regulated; it is a civil service; therefore wages cannot be garnished to pay back a bail bond. Instead, when all other efforts to find you or your co-signer have been used, a bail bonds company will resort to a lawsuit with an attorney.

What Happens When You Don’t Pay Back A Bail Bondsman?

Bail bonds services have a pretty loose contract and employ bounty hunters that aide in recapturing payments, if necessary. Remember that bail bonds companies are not government regulated, they are private companies that have decided to put up the full bond amounts for people at a very low service fee, 10% of the total bond.

So if you have a $30,000 bond and you hire a bail bonds company, the bail bonds company is going to post the full $30,000 on your behalf to the court, and you only have to pay $3000.  You don’t get a refund on that money but you get to remain out of jail until your hearing without needing to post the full $30,000.

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