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Would you join us at the Bail Bonds Office?

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Bail Bonds reach out on 705 N Broadway

We are a bail bonds business but we would like to think that we are looked at as more than a bail bonds business. We would hope that people know us for our love of Jesus Christ. We absolutely want to be sold out for him in all that we do. We understand that we are fortunate to be in a position like ours where we can openly express our love for Jesus! There are times that people get stuck inside a business where they can’t use all that they do to glorify and life up the name of Jesus! We absolutely get to tell everyone we come in contact with about what he has done for us and what we know he can do for them.

Bail bonds is a unique position where we are in the most dark places when people are going through some struggles in life. People know that we are a business but then they also know that we want to see better for people that we come in contact with. Bail bonds is an avenue and a gateway to reach people. The fact of the matter is, everyone who is in jail wants a bail bonds agent and one way or another, they are going to use a bondsman to get out of jail. We are here to provide the cheapest services in town per investor and to be a fed ex delivery man when it comes to delivering the message and gospel of Grace of God.

With all of that said, we want to do outreach for the homeless and people that we bond out. We would like to put another outreach together where we can feed the homeless and put some stuff together where we are reaching people with the message. We want testimonies, and music and whatever else anyone can think of so that we can reach the most people. We are open to ideas and what we could do to partner together to make another event happen.

The bail bonds office is the perfect spot to do something in nice weather conditions. Give us some feedback or feel free to call us (316)722-5245.

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Tammie linton December 30, 2018 at 10:55 am Reply

I am tam27 lived in Wichita until a year ago on 27th Street and meridian… Tammieville. For 10 years I lived there in providing for the immediate needs of anyone that came to my door. Most only wear the clothes they had on. I gave him a safe place to land until they could figure out where to go next. Clothing, food, telephone access, limited transportation by bike, you name it I had it covered. I would be very interested in returning to Wichita to do homeless outreach in the name of Jesus. Something as simple as to go and hand out business cards along with an invitation to an Event. Maybe a sing along of the old hymns that everybody knows combined with some of the classic rock sing alongs? Kareoke setup…food, work with a church or food bank to reduce costs… Maybe a raffle?Everybody gets a ticket towards something donated that everyone would like to have? Let me know how to help and I will. Also perhaps involve Bill vineyard of the atishwin sober living home in hilltop. And buster camp from El Dorado who is one year sober na.


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