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How Do You Find Out If Someone Is In Jail in Wichita

finding out who is in jail in wichita

How Do You Find Out If Someone Is In Jail in Wichita

If you suspect someone you know is in jail in Wichita or Kansas, you can apply the following steps to find out exactly where the person has been detained.

1. Carry out an Online Search

When you know the state that the person in question might have been detained, you can easily begin by looking through the district’s website. Below we have provided a link to Wichita’s Inmate search…

Wichita’s Jail Inmate Search

If you’re not looking for someone in Wichita, you can check out the websites for the municipal court, police department or area sheriff. Doing this can produce results since some district jail websites have databases of people being detained there. You can usually search using the person’s name.

Fortunately, more and more districts are beginning to have an online resource that can be used to find internees, and the link to such resource can be found via a county law enforcement page.

When you find the person that you are searching for through this process, the next thing to do would be to pick up your phone and call the jail directly for full confirmation.

 Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmate Search

2. You can also use the Federal Bureau of Prisons website to search for the person. In case you want to find out about a person that you believe could have been held in federal jail rather than a county jail, starting from the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ site will be an ideal place to look.

All it takes to get the information you require on this website is just the person’s first and last name. You can do the search here.

3. Searching direct

You can do this by calling the district’s county jail or courts clerk office, and speak directly with someone there. You can find the contact numbers on the district jail’s website or through your local phone book.

Ask to speak with the arresting officer as he or she might be able to tell you where the person in question has been moved to.

Wichita / Sedgwick County Jail Location

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