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What Happens if You Violate Bail Conditions?

What Happens if You Violate Bail Conditions

What Happens If You Violate Bail Conditions?

If you violate bail conditions in any way, e.g. fail to show up in court, commit another crime and get arrested again, your bail will be revoked and you will most likely be taken into custody after a bounty hunter finds you, you can see what bounty hunters are legally allowed to do here.  After bail is revoked, you will forfeit the money paid and if you paid bail through a bondsman but don’t have the money, you’ll likely have to secure a loan or use collateral. This is usually your house or a car.

If someone co-signed for you and you cannot pay, the bail money or collateral will be collected from your co-signer. See what happens to your bail bond co-signer here.

As already mentioned, you will also need to pay a service fee, which is usually 10% percent of the bail amount and it is not refundable.

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