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Can The Defendant Leave The State Or The Country While On Bond

leaving the state on a bail bond

Can You Leave The State Or The Country While On A Bond?

The ability or freedom for a someone to be able to leave the state or country while on a bond will vary based on the severity of crime committed.  In the case that the crime is considered more severe, travel restrictions may be set by the judge as a bond condition.

If you need to leave the state or country while on bond, you would have to seek permission from the judge presiding over the case at the time.

The your intention to want to leave the country might be genuine but it might also raise red flags. This means you should be able to fully state reasons and be able to convince the judge of the importance of the decision.

In some scenarios, you might be asked to surrender your passport if you are considered a flight risk.

If You Are Granted Permission By The Judge To Leave The State

In the case that the judge or court grants the application to travel to other state or country, you would still be required to fulfill his or her part of attending court hearings.

Several reasons may require that you would need permission to leave the state or country and this may include issues concerning death of a family member or sudden family illness, among other kinds of emergency situations.

If you’re in such situation, you need to know how to seek permission to be able to leave or travel to another location.  Not getting permission and traveling can trigger consequences that will leave you in a much worse situation than you are already being charged for.

Leaving The State or Country While On A Bail Bond Agreement

The agreement you make with the bail bondsman or bail bond company might be different than what the judge decided. At Second Chance Bail Bonds, you agree to notify us if you plan on leaving the state.

Should you leave the state or country without notifying us, it is considered a breach of agreement and we may and can come after you to bring you back to jail, and your bail money will be forfeit.

See what a bounty hunter is legally allowed to do.

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