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How To Find Out Who Posted Bail For Someone

How To Find Out Who Posted Bail For Someone

It’s easy to find out who posted bail for someone by simply calling the county jail. By calling the county jail you can find out if a person who has committed a crime has been offered the bail opportunity to be released from jail until their court hearing. (See Sedgwick County Jail Inmate Search)

Bail can come from diverse sources, and in the event that the defendant cannot raise funds by himself/herself; a family member, loved one or a friend can post the bail.

In the event that the defendant misses his or her court date, the bail fee paid to the court would be forfeited. If you are interested in finding out if bail has been posted in Wichita, start your search here. or call the jail at 940-766-8170

Contact the county jail or sheriff’s office where the defendant was arrested.

Once you are able to connect with the right person, you will be provided the defendant’s name, arrest date and charges on ground. If the person has been offered bail, you can also ask who posted the bail through such inquiry.

In conclusion, once you call or visit the county jail where the person has been arrested; you can easily find out the bail amount, whether it was posted and also by whom the bail was posted.

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