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best interlock device in wichita

Best Ignition Interlock System In Wichita, KS

One Of Wichita’s Best Interlock Teams Interlock is a device put into a vehicle for people who need to breathe into a breathalyzer before starting their vehicle, usually due to having a DUI (Driving Under The Influence). If the resultant breath-alcohol concentration analyzed result is greater than the programmed blood…
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Here To Help

We’ll Help You Get Your Loved One Out Of Jail Bail bonds in Wichita, Kansas is naturally competitive but we promise you that we can help you get your loved one out of jail at a low cost so you don’t drown in the process of already sinking. Let us…
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Success Story – 2nd Chance Industries

A Second Chance Bail Bonds – Success Story This is what it looks like to be in the Bail bonds business and walk with them in the right direction! This was in a Sedgwick County courthouse here in Wichita, Kansas. The man in the middle was someone facing some serious…
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kansas growing crime rate
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Kansas Growing Crime Rate

Meth is Behind Kansas’s Growing Crime Rates Methamphetamine addiction is plaguing Kansas, driving up the crime rate and filling jails with people who would be better served in treatment centers, local leaders say. “It’s up to all of us not to turn a blind eye,” Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt…
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music video ryan eastep
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New Music Video – Ryan Eastep

New Music Video  – I’d Ratha Be – by Ryan Eastep ft Mark The Hammer…
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Are Bounty Hunters Allowed To Carry A Gun?

Are Bounty Hunters Allowed To Carry A Gun? Bounty hunters are trained officials and have the right to carry firearms for protection or self-defense. Generally, every jurisdiction has its own acts and laws with regards to operating with firearms. Bounty hunters are permitted to carry guns where the law permits…
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